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A contra entry

Book name: A Contra Entry

Author:Anirudh Soni



Aarush Singh has an illustrious career as a top CA, most enigmatic woman Akanksha as his girlfriend, his mother's expectations of a stable and happy life, and a deep down desire for personal happiness. Can he walk on all the four paths? Something's gotta give.

Walk with Aarush Singh when he starts off as a young school student with his dreams and desires common to most of us. Take this fascinating journey, where he ticks all his 'success' boxes, but, eventually, finds himself at the crossroads.

The author takes the Reader to the phases of a Commerce students life and being a Commerce student myself I found this book awkwardly relatable. The book has it all- humor, romance and emotions. Having everything that a decent book should have, I still felt there were a few things that were a little off in this book. Like for instance, aarush enrolled himself in a CA entrance exam because of a girl. like for real! It doesn't make any sense to me. Also, there was nothing new, there are numerous of books like such already, divergent thinking is important. Other than these few things, I think the book is a pretty good book. It gets Sad and challenging, such books have their place in the world, and you should make room on your bookshelves for this book too.

Four things I've learned from this book:

- Every decision you take today will influence your tomorrow.

-No matter how hard you hit the ground in life,never forget the power within you, get up and work harder.

-Just because you take up a particular path for your living, you should not stop exploring yourself on your passions and hobbies.

- I've learned, how important it is to make a proper balance between your personal and work life.

ABOUT AUTHOR : Anirudh while studying always dreamt of being an author someday. Post qualifying as a CA, Anirudh has been working with multinational finance & accounting outsourcing companies and has over 14 years of experience. Over a period of time Anirudh realized that there is more to life than just working and earning for a living and so decided to pursue his hobbies at length. “A Contra Entry” is his fist book and first step in the way to live his dreams. Through “A Contra Entry” Anirudh wants to spread a word about how every life is so different and so following the same path makes everyone’s life so meaningless. One should distinguish between the life needs and life goals. Just because you take up a particular path for your living, you should not stop exploring yourself on your passions and hobbies.

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