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JOGI: A Traveler's Quest for Air

Book name: JOGI: A Traveler's Quest for Air Author: Shubhrika Dogra Rating: 5/5


JOGI will take you back to your summer holiday adventures and places that you made into sceneries as a child. It will make you want to move as farther as you can, so to find yourself amidst tiny hidden villages and hidden trails all around you. ----- Nowadays, we all are so busy in the Chaos of life that we forget to live, we forget to love the things we do, we forget to dream. This book is a quest to find a place where you feel alive, where you can breathe freely, where you can meet your true self. Jogi is a medicine for your soul, it will fill the long-lived void in your heart and fix the puzzle in your head. Jogi is a very unique book in itself and I haven't read any book as such.

"Jogi" the title itself had me, I instantly knew it was about traveling and travel experiences. It is a beautiful collection of poems, verses and one liners. When I saw the cover for the first time it gave me major travel Vibes- it's super cosy. The theme of this book is also very unique and absorbing. When I read the first poem it made me smile and I right away knew that this is gonna be one of my favourite books- a book worth treasuring. The feeling is unexplicable because the book filled my soul, my eyes were sparkling with a lot of joy and the reason is relatability! I could relate with this book because I have always been that kid who loved mountains and has always been stunned by them, no matter how much I gaze at them, I can never get enough of them! ------ Nonetheless, this book is one of a kind! It's one of those book I can read 10 times and not regret it one bit. I even felt the author was romancing with the mountains, which is so cute. People who are on a quest to find a way to fill the void inside them would love it. This book might also teach you to not just live for the sake of living but to also give yourself a moment and feel alive.

ABOUT AUTHOR : Shubhrika, lovingly known amongst her dearest as Shaanu, found her restitude in words at the early age of nine. She understands her life to have two meanings - Travel and writing. Her career started with a corporate comfort with a Multinational. While the experience taught her beyond expectations and left her with valuable relationships, she took a plunge to leave the comfortable and stable arenas of her job for writing full time. Mountains are her first love. One might find her smiling indigenously simply by the awe of looking at the mountains. She is a curious soul, always looking for something new. This trait brought her to teach herself the skill of photography three years ago. She travelled to eight new destinations in a span of twelve months in the year 2019. Her dream is to be able to travel India in all its depths. She dedicates her first book, JOGI to her immense affection for the experiences that traveling can bring. Her roots from the mountains and a stubborn personality to achieve everything that she sets her eyes on, is the source of all her inspiration.

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