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End Of The Rope

Book name: End Of The Rope

Author: Shaurya Arya Kanojia

Rating: 5/5


To be honest, I was not impressed by the book at first, I didn't like the cover at all but after I was done reading the last chapter everything started to make complete sense to me. I fail to understand why books like these don't get the Limelight they deserve, I mean it's an out-and-out faultless book. Also, I firmly believe that this book is written in the best possible way, there's just one scene and the whole story revolves around that one scene and still successfully holds our attention. The two main dramatist personae are pictured as the two ends of a rope, completely different from each other yet living in the same sphere. The conversation between Advana and Taishna has broadened my perspective towards a lot of things and especially life. I can't choose the most suitable words to describe how beautiful and peaceful this book really is. I'm totally in love. It's a must-read!

A cynical, old woman. A wary, impressionable employee. And a chat that will uncover the demons within them. Advana Naidu, a 70-year-old widow, invites Taishna Sen, her prospective caretaker, for a casual interaction. The two talk about their hopes, desires and how they came to be where they are. To Taishna, it is an unassuming conversation; until she discovers the similarities she shares with the old woman. Making its way through their pretenses and questionable truths, the story attempts to answer the central mystery: How are the two connected? And who, among them, is at the "end of the rope"?



Advana, of a 70-year-old widow, A cynical old lady and a woman with unfulfilled Desire is here to win your heart with her perspective on perspective on life. The character of Advana is sketched in such a way that it depicts the real strength of a woman which is rare!


Taishna is a 30-year-old woman, not so social or I should say not so talkative, but super inquisitive.Taishna, Advana's prospective caretaker, by being in conversation with Advana realizes the similarity of thoughts with her, while they were talking about Desire and hope. Their conversation is something that will draw you in!

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